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Le Village Hostel, Paris

4.0 stars


Le Village Hostel

On my last trip to Paris, I stayed at the Village Hostel. We had 2 bunk-beds in a 6-bed dorm and we stayed with one other couple from Holland. It was just us in the whole bed-room. They were very friendly and a bit older than us, but we got along perfectly. We needed that, because we depended on each other to enter the room. The only negative aspect about the Le Village Hostel I can name is that there is only one key per room, so when you stay with unknown people, and you come to the hostel later, they would have to open the room for you. Apart from that, the place was clean and the breakfast was good. The location is perfect, as it's very close to the Sacre Coeur and to the Anvers Metro station. [more ]

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