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Captain's Bar, Makati

4.0 stars


Groovy Nights at Captain's Bar

Live music tripping is best experienced at the Captain's Bar, located at the posh Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Makati, Philippines. I have been there a couple of times and I can dare say that all my visits were a wonderful music experience.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel, for one, is structured based on an international hotel standard. The services are excellent, the architectural layout of the hotel is pretty fascinating, and the food is oh so delicious! The character of the hotel itself is duplicated at the Captain's Bar. The outstanding mode of service, the sophisticated setting, and the delectable menu are all there with the amazing addition of mesmerizing music. The featured artists in almost every bar night are mostly Philippine music's cream of the crop. On some days, Captain's Bar also plays host to different cultural events.

My first time at the Captain's Bar was most memorable probably because I did not have to pay the fee to enter. Freestyle, one of the best bands in the country, was performing and I cannot help myself but tremble in excitement. Since Captain's Bar is intended for really enthralling music events, you can expect that its sound system is incomparable. But I did not know it could be that great. The performers sang as if they were singing it into my ears. The sound is very, very neat.

Captain's Bar is basically open the whole day through. While no live music can be enjoyed by day, it is more than made up for by the interesting set of menus you can choose from to feed your hungry stomach. It is like any ordinary five-star restaurant around the city that offers unique recipes and delectable delights best enjoyed when served on a nice setting. Soft music floats around the place as a background for endearing talks over a set of meal. Captain's Bar is truly one of a kind! [more ]

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