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Nizam's, Kolkata (Calcutta)

5.0 stars


The Sumptious Grub

Good Muslim food is the USP of Nizam’s - fragrant mutton and chicken curries, succulent kababs and aromatic biryanis (rice cooked with meat), and of course the kathi. One can choose from a range of stuffings - mutton, chicken, beef, or paneer. The kathis are served hot, with a helping of sliced onions and green chilies and a dollop of mint chutney on the side. Delicately spiced, one or two kathis are usually enough for one person, and a good meal costs about Rs 60 or a dollar and a half per person.
New Market, Kolkata [more ]

Where It all Began

The story goes that a chaprasi or peon at the Calcutta Municipal Corporation in the 1900’s, Sheikh Hasan Reza, was disgusted with his career and gave it up to start selling food. He began with a tiny stall, hawking kababs and rotis (thin Indian bread) and soon realized that the finicky Brits who visited his stall didn’t like getting their fingers greasy. Solution? A kabab wrap- the kathi kabab. Reza soon established what we know today as Nizam’s- a large, no-frills restaurant, with bare wooden tables and chairs, tiny curtained cubicles (for those who want some privacy) and no ornamentation to speak of. [more ]

The Discovery of Kathi Rolls

Kolkata and Nizam’s are synonymous with each other. This years old eatery makes the best kathi kababs known to mankind—and that’s not an exaggeration.
A kathi kabab is a very thin, pliant bread, wrapped around a spicy mixture of vegetable or meat. Nizam’s claims to have invented kathi kababs. [more ]

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