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Table Mountain, Cape Town

5.0 stars


Gorgeous views from the top of Table Mountain

Table Mountain is incredibly beautiful. I spend there a whole day, walking and enjoying the views. They had a lovely restaurant café with an outdoors terrace whith amazing views to the Mountain Range. We sat down there for ages as it was practically the only place up there providing a little bit of shade. There were many paths leading to different view points with loads of information regarding Table Mountain. The views of Cape Town and Camps Bay Beach were my favourites. It got a bit hot to walk around during midday but otherwise temperature was beautiful. One of my favourite outings in the Cape for sure! [more ]

Superb hiking trails and magnificent views

A visit to the top of Table Mountain, our most magnificent landmark in Cape Town, will not disappoint you. Table Mountain is the perfect site to enjoy superb views of the Cape as well as the Twelve Apostles mountain range and Lion´s Head. There are many paths to explore here, some of them leading you all the way down to the road. Most of the tourist just spend a day here but if you are in the Cape for a long stay I will recommend to visit it a few times and take the few hiking trails along the mountain. It is usually cooler up there so I will also recommend to take extra clothing, the wind up there can be something else. [more ]

Table Mountain, Cape Town

Just as any visit to Paris cannot be complete without going up the Eiffel Tower, tourists who visit Cape Town simply must ascend this city’s most famous landmark, Table Mountain. You can do this by two means – firstly, there is a modern cable car that can take you up and down (at the cost of around EUR10 per person) or, secondly, you can hike up by one of the many routes – Skeleton Gorge being a favourite, and not nearly as scary as the name suggests. To do the hike, however, you need to be reasonably fit, and have water with you. Also, I wouldn’t suggest doing it alone. And personally, I find coming down the mountain on foot very hard work, especially on the knees. But once you’re at the top, it will all be worth it. There are many walkways up there, so you can get views from many different angles and take postcard-pretty pictures. Just another tip, take your own snacks and drinks up, because the restaurant at the top is ridiculously expensive. [more ]

Table Mountain

Ok, nobody goes to Cape Town without visiting Table Mountain. You can’t really miss it either as it dominates the skyline, looming over the city below.

Make your way to the Lower Cable Station at Tafelberg Road and catch the cable car from there. The floor of the cable car slowly rotates through 360 degrees on the ascent and descent so everyone onboard gets a chance to experience the panoramic views.

Once at the top stick to the marked paths and follow them to the various lookout posts. Don’t go wandering off on your own. The views are spectacular and on a clear day you can see far beyond Robben Island.

The Cape’s climate is quite temperate so clouds and mists can quickly envelope the summit. In such cases, the mountain is closed for safety reasons until the weather clears. [more ]

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