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Valley Fair, Shakopee

4.0 stars


Kid's thought

We made our way to the wild thing through the giant theme park. The funny thing was that you could see the top of Wild Thing when you are like two miles away from Valley Fair. That didn’t sit particularly well with my stomach. Another bad part about this situation is that we had just got done eating some pizza and other junk food. We finally made it to the giant rollercoaster and an unfortunate giant line of people. I thought to myself that its bad enough that I have to go on this terrifying ride and to make it worse I have to wait in line for a half hour and think about how scary it is going to be. I probably sound like a huge wimp. It made things really bad when we got to the front of the line because you get to see what happens when you get on there. [more ]

2nd "terrified"

We climbed out of the dreaded rollercoaster and walked around the massive line that had grown so long when we were on it. We finally came to the station where we got to see how dumb our faces looked when we were going upside down. They had the nerve to try to charge us five dollars for one photo that looks really stupid. Five dollars was a lot of money when I was in junior high. So we made our way through the park and sure enough Josh decided that he wants to get all brave again and go on the notorious “Wild Thing.” My heart literally sank when he made his proposal to go on this terrifying ride. Once again I sheepishly agreed to Josh’s proposal. [more ]


The reason that I was so terrified was because the Cork Screw was not that high but it goes upside down like over twenty different times. I didn’t want to look like I was scared in front of my junior high buddies so I decided to go on it with Josh. The wait in line was about ten minutes of total fear. Finally it was our turn and we climbed into the horrendous thing. The guy that secured us into our seats didn’t help at all because he was just trying to scare us. After the rollercoaster made a really weird noise, we were off. We were going so fast and making so many different twists and turns I don’t even remember it all. Finally the thing was done. [more ]

Cork Screw

One of the things I noticed right away was the bumper cars. I absolutely love bumper cars. The bumper cars at Valley Fair were really cool. Another great thing that they had there was a really big race car track where you could race against other people at the fair. Of course they are not real race cars. They are pretty small but they could go about forty miles per hour. There were a lot of people there that day and there were also a lot of people trying to sell different clothes and stuffed animals. There were also a lot of Minnesota antiques that you could buy such as wood carvings and what not. My friend josh asked me if I wanted to go on this one ride with him called the “Cork Screw.” I said “Sure man,” but deep down inside I was terrified. [more ]

First impression

So we all (our van) got out of the van and started walking up to the entrance of the massive them park. I had heard a lot of great stuff about Valley Fair but I had never expected it to be this big. There was a line to get in, but it was not that bad, it was only about a five minute wait. Finally, we were through, into the gigantic park. All I could see at first was candy stands and hot dog stands everywhere. I didn’t really see any rides at first, just a lot of cool games and stuff like that. They had a lot of different food stands with a huge variety of foods. They also had a lot of really cool games where you shoot at the target and try to win some prizes. [more ]


The first time I went to Valley Fair in Minnesota I was really amazed. I was thirteen years old at the time. I thought to myself, “wow, there are so many different rides here, this is not at all what I expected.” I was with my junior high school class for the end of the year celebration because we were about to graduate from junior high and go on to high school. When we pulled up to Valley Fair I could see this monstrosity of a rollercoaster that they called “Wild thing.” Apparently wild thing was brand new and was supposed to be one of the scariest rides in the country. The moment I saw this thing my stomach literally cringed from fear. I am not the type who likes rides of that sort. [more ]

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