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Valleyfair Family Amusement Park, Shakopee

4.0 stars


A Fair Time

Valley Fair Amusement Park features over 75 rides, and is great for those who are rollercoaster junkies. It’s a little pricey, but what amusement park isn’t these days?! If you wanna play, you gotta pay. However, unlike Six Flags Great America, the wait for rides isn’t nearly as dreadful. I think the most I waited for a ride was about a 40 minutes…at six flags the wait can be over an hour.

Youngsters do have an opportunity to ride tamer rides in Half Pint Park. There is also a waterpark called Whitewater Country that is included in admission, so don’t forget to pack a towel.

I also recommend checking the weather before going. Early on in our day, all the rides closed due to bad weather, and we were not refunded our admission, which can be a lot of money lost. [more ]

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