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William's Uptown Pub and Peanut Bar, Minneapolis

5.0 stars


Peanut Away....

The beer selection at William’s Pub is fantastically large. I think they have a list of around 300 beers (full of micro-brews) to order from…that alone makes this facility a great place to drink at. The bar is popular among college students (located in Uptown near campus), so expect to see a lot of drunks. However, even though drunk, fellow patrons are friendly and love engaging in conversation. There are a lot of men that go here, so it’s perfect for single ladies.

The bar upstairs has a great menu, but it’s the pub downstairs that I thoroughly enjoyed. It is what makes this bar one of my favorites in the area…strictly because they serve free peanuts. And throw the shells anywhere (I did hear rumors of shell throwing wars and patrons being removed from the bar, so beware of where you throw them). [more ]

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