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Bayview Park Hotel, Manila

4.0 stars
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Bayview Park Hotel

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Getting to Bayview Park Hotel

If you are a foreign tourist, you can rent a car to take you to Bayview Park Hotel. Just include this service when you reserve a room. This way, you can simply wait in the airport without worrying how to get to Bayview Park Hotel.

Aside from rent-a-car, you can also get a cab. Cabs are cheaper than rented cars. I have to warn you, however, avoid abusive cab drivers. When I say abusive, I’m talking about those drivers who demand for a high fare. To avoid them, make sure that the cab driver uses a fare meter. This device will determine the fare of your travel, and it starts at 30PHP or less than a dollar.

Don’t even think of a train to get there because there’s no train station near the airport. So really, the best way to reach this hotel conveniently is by a cab or a rented car.

A cab, a rented car, or a train, it doesn't really matter. The bottom line is it's never hard to find this hotel because it's located at the heart of the country's capital city. Oh by the way, watch out for the traffic. But I'm sure you'll get there in no time. [more ]

Souvenir Shopping

I know you want to take home something that reminds you of the place that you went to. For me, I love doing that! It’s understandable that every traveler wants to take home a part of the place that he visited. To do that, I suggest you shop for souvenirs.

Bayview Park Hotel just offers everything—from shirts, mugs, and footwear to dolls. Just think of Barbie and Ken dressed in native Filipino costumes. Aside from these, the souvenir shop also offers famous Filipino icons such as jeepney and sungka. The former is a means of transportation while the latter is a native Filipino game. Other souvenirs you can take home are pearls and native purses. Oh, don’t worry about the price. I’m sure you can afford to buy them! [more ]

Activities outside the Hotel

Anyone who loves to travel does not want to stay in the confines of a hotel room. During my stay in the Bayview Park Hotel, I did not just stay inside the hotel but I also explored its surrounding. And there I discovered that I had lots to do outside the hotel. One example is riding in a kalesa which is a native or traditional means of transportation in the Philippines. Sad to say, Manila is the only city that still offers this kind of transportation. The fare for this ride varies from one driver to another depending on where you want to go. But the lowest rate is $1.00.

By riding in a kalesa, you can do a lot of things already. You can get to and stroll at Manila’s national park, Luneta. Also, you can shop till you drop at the Robinson’s Place in Ermita; dine in the old Aristocrat Restaurant; or visit the old Malate Church in Roxas Boulevard. I’m sure you’ll be exhausted after visiting these places. So the perfect way to end your day is to stop by the Manila Bay where you can sit back and relax while watching the sun stunningly disappears in the horizon. [more ]

What To-do inside the Bayview Park Hotel

There are a lot of things that you can do in a hotel. But remember, these activities might be limited depending on the hotel facilities. The good thing about the facilities of Bayview Park Hotel is that they are complete and always ready-to use. Just inside my room, I had a remote-controlled TV, a blower, glasses for water, cups and pitcher for tea, and a hot water dispenser. The aircondition as well as the lights in my room are automatic. The bathroom facilities are also complete—a bath tub, toilet, spacious sink, and a hot-or-cold shower.

Outside the room, you can go swimming in the roof deck. The indoor pool is not large but it’s just enough because not all hotel users love to swim. But I tell you, the atmosphere of the indoor pool is inviting. If you don’t like to swim, then try the hotel’s gym. It’s complete with different exercising machines for both men and women. I have to warn you though; the gym is quite small. If you don’t like to do both, I suggest you go sight-seeing. The roof deck is the best place to go if you want to enjoy the Manila scenery. From there, you’ll see a panoramic view of the Manila Bay. I also advise you to go there in the afternoon to witness the beautiful Manila Bay sunset. [more ]

Eat, Eat, Eat

Every traveler needs energy to explore the place he is in, and to have that energy the traveler needs to eat. This is where the coffee shop of the Bayview Park Hotel comes in.

Everyday, the coffee shop offers various breakfast meals. You can either go to the lobby where the coffee shop is located or just order in your room. But to take advantage of the service, I suggest you do what I did: went to the lobby and enjoyed the buffet. The shop does not always offer buffet though. Buffet style can be offered for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Other thing I did was eat outside the hotel. Since it is surrounded by different restaurants and food chains, eating out is also a better way of filling a hungry stomach. But hey, no take out, please! The hotel does not allow take-out food. Period. [more ]

My Private Space in Bayview Park Hotel

One thing that you must secure before you leave the comfort of your home to travel is room reservation. I know most of us reserve a room over the phone, but let me just warn you: not all room reservations work. Just like my experience at Bayview Park Hotel.
I had my reservation before I went to the hotel but my name didn’t appear in the record when I was about to check in. However, the accommodating host fixed the problem for me.

So there, I had my room. It was cozy, private, cold, and modern. I had two beds, one was queen-sized and the other was single. I didn’t know why I was given two beds when I requested for a queen-sized bed only. But it was okay; I just enjoyed my stay there. If you want to get the same room I had, it’s just 60USD for an overnight stay. Aside from that, the hotel offers exclusive rooms such as the Bayview Club Room and Bayview Suite for 187USD, and the Executive Suite for 233USD only. Prices may vary though, so better check with the hotel itself for the exact price of the room that you want. [more ]

Don’t Waste Your Money

What I always look for in a hotel is affordability and service excellence, and once again, I found these qualities in a not-so-fancy hotel in Manila. Located along Roxas Boulevard, just in front of the US embassy, Bayview Park Hotel is one of the most recommended accommodations in the area. Since this area is the heart of the city, hotels are everywhere—from apartment types to five-star hotels.

Bayview may not be rated as five-star, but I tell you, it is a three-star hotel that has five-star services. Accommodating and courteous staff, cozy atmosphere, complete facilities, and good food are some advantages that Bayview Park Hotel can truly boast of.

The only thing that I didn’t like in the place, however, was the stairs and elevator. I almost got lost on my way to the roof deck, where the pool and the gym were located at, because not all elevators can take you to that part of the hotel. So, I needed to switch elevators and take the stairs.

Nevertheless, I liked the over-all appeal of the hotel and I felt that I didn’t waste my money. Isn’t it a good thing to feel that way? [more ]

Offers the Pleasures of Home and More

Bayview Park Hotel Manila can give you fine living experience for just around 60US$ inclusive of service charges and taxes.

You can find this hotel at 1118 Roxas Boulevard corner United Nations Avenue, Ermita, Manila. The international and domestic airports are just a few distance away from this hotel. Basically, by car, the Ninoy Aquino International Airport is just around 20 minutes from the Bayview Park Hotel. For the domestic airport, it would take around 15 minutes to get there. For those who wish to go to the harbor terminal, all it needs is just five minutes to walk to this place. Other places, such as the shopping and entertainment centers of the city, are also just within reach.

What’s more, some of the city’s attractions, such as the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Harrison Plaza Mall, and the Star City are also conveniently close. And you can simply end your travel around the city by walking at the Rizal Park or Baywalk before going to your hotel room.

With 283 rooms (with certain delightful choices offered such as the executive suites, superior rooms, and bayview suites), Bayview Park Hotel give its best to make you really feel that you’re living in a second home. What I like about the rooms is that there are certain amenities that make life more comfortably sweet. To mention a few, this hotel offers a fax machine, refrigerator, wireless Internet access, air conditioner, bathrobes, ironing boards, coffee and tea maker, rollaway beds, hair dryers, and they even have this in-room massage and great housekeeping services. It really gives you a wonderful taste of fine living.

For dining and drinking pleasures, I knew that I shouldn’t miss going to the hotel’s Bayview Café, Sunset Lounge, and the Lobby Lounge. It was really a wonderful experience to dine, drink and relax with friends at these places.

Of course, I also didn’t want to forget checking out the hotel’s outdoor swimming pool where other patrons choose to relax.

For going around the vicinity, the Bayview Park Hotel offers a town car service that can make your trip more enjoyable.

There are a number of ways to reach them. Their trunk line number is 63 2-522-3040. You can also reach them at their toll free number at 1800-1888-5555 or visit them at their website at Email address is for reservations.
[more ]

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Bayview Park Hotel

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