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Blumeninsel Mainau, Konstanz

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Mainau Nature Park

Another place that I went to with Cony and Willy was Mainau, which I think was very interesting. Mainau park is like a natural park, where the animals are protected very strongly. We had to wear some kind of boots especially made for the woods to protect our feet. It was in the winter when we went there, so most birds were not there anymore, but they have like a sentry post in the middle of the park. Visitors are also allowed to climb up to the top of this post and from there, believe me, you will fall in love with the beauty of the view all over Bodensee. You can also see Konstanz and Radorfzell in a glance, which will give you the best photo shoots ever. Anyway, just visit this park sometime when you are in the area. [more ]

Botanical garden on an island

Mainau is an island in Lake Constance which is one of the largest lakes in Central Europe. The Isle of Mainau is a huge botanical garden which is a very popular tourist destination from spring through to autumn.

We parked our car in Meersburg which is a beautiful, old German city on the coast of Lake Constanz. We then went onto a boat and crossed the lake. You spend about 15 minutes on the boat until you reach the Isle of Mainau. While you are on the boat you can just look around and enjoy the beautiful scenery and landscape!

The Isle of Mainau itself is a beautiful, immaculately maintained botanical island. There are so many flowers, plants and trees that you can explore while walking on the paths. There is also a greenhouse on the island which is home to thousands of rare butterflies. Along the path through the island are a few beer gardens and restaurants where you can sit down and relax.

This island is a perfect day out for families. Children have a lot to explore - there are play areas for children and feeding stations for ducks, swans and the little goats there.

All in all, this is a perfect destination for families or couples. You can spend a whole day there and you won't get bored! This is a beautiful island that you should definitely go and see. [more ]

Mainau Island

If you are a fan of greenery than Mainau Island is the perfect place for you. This island is also sometimes known as the flower island due to its large garden. Basically the island itself is one large botanical garden. Here you can sit under the shade of a palm tree or hug a great big sequoia tree. One nice thing here on the island is the great butterfly house filled will all different species of butterflies with many of them coming from the tropics. More often than not, the guide here named Gaudermann will even give gardening tips from his own personal experiences on the island. This is actually on of the reasons that many people come here. Just to get some practical tip on how he does such a great job with the plants on the island. He is pretty much the caretaker and owner of the island itself. Before him, it was left in the position of Grand Duke of Baden who used it often as his summer house. The summer house is also still there and worth a short visit. [more ]

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