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Three (Wise) Monkeys, Sydney

3.0 stars


Paddington Inn

Just to prove that I did occasionally leave George Street, I can recommend Paddington Inn (338 Oxford Street - Cnr Wilson). it's a bit of a trek from CBD or the harbour but most buses heading to Bronte/Bondi etc head up Oxford Street.

Paddington Inn is a funky place on a promenant corner. Despite having pool tables and TV screens it doesn't feel like a sports bar. It was stylishly decorated and didn't get overcrowded.

I had a really nice night in here. The crowd were friendly so i got talking to a few new people, the drinks were reasonably priced and it wasn't at all pretentious.

Worth heading out of town for! [more ]

Bungalow 8

Veering off of George Street for a while I headed to the newly revamped Darling Harbour for a night out.

What a lovely place to wander around.

The area is packed with restaurants and bars including Bungalow 8 - right at the end of the harbour (8 Promenade, King Street). I popped in here early evening and ended up staying till 2 am.

it's got a nice airy, open feel, a big bar, attentive staff and loads of outdoor seating. There is a also a dancefloor, a DJ and live music.

Didn't feel too young in here (I'm 35) as there was a good mix of people and it was unpretentious and fun. [more ]


At the top end of George Street you'll find CHERRS (561 George Street).

This is one of the latest opening pubs in the area so it tends to get pretty packed as the night goes on . I found it to be quite a fun, friendly place although I guess it's another pick-up joint place as lots of men were hoovering around.

There's pool tables, TV screens etc and it feels a bit like a modern sports bar. Again this would be one to stick your head in but I personally didn't feel the need to stay!! [more ]

The Establishment

Carry on down George Street towards the harbour you'll come across The Establishment. A big stylish, modern place. Attracts a real stylish, yuppy (do people still use that word?) type crowd and people go here to see and be seen.

There's not really dancing as most people are too busy posing!!

Having said that it is a very bright, clean bar, funky seating and a great place to people watch (mainly dirty old men trying to pull young beautiful sydneyites!!)

Be careful what you wear here - they say smart/casual (whatever that means) but of an evening it definitely veers on the side of smart and the bouncers are selective on who they let in - especially later in the night. [more ]

Scruffy Murphys

As the name suggests this is an Irish Bar which you can't miss on Gouldburn Street (off George up near Chinatown).

It's a bit of a meatmarket for travellers and attracks a real backpacker crowd. The age is really mixed and everyone is up for a good time, plus it's open late (although don't leave it too late to go as there are bouncers on the door and they stop people later on).

Decor wise it's a lot nicer upstairs than downstairs but most people don't come here for the decor.

It's a fun, lively place than can get a bit roudy. The musics loud, there's competitons and dancing. [more ]

3 Wise Monkeys

George Street is the perfect place if you like a good old fashioned pub crawl. The street is lined with bars.

One of the popular ones is 3 WISE MONKEYS at number 55. It's an old bank apparently and that's exactly what it looks like from the outside. Inside however there is a real mix of decor and patrons spread over three floors.

This place really does attrack everyone from the early 20s that mooch about on the middle floor before heading upstairs for the band/disco, to a slightly older crowd who tend to stick to the ground floor (probably can't be bothered to takle the stairs).

I wouldn't choose to spend a whole night in here but it is worth sticking your head in for a couple. [more ]

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