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University of Washington, Seattle

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Red Square

Red Square is named simply after the red-colored bricks of which it is constructed. It sits atop the main parking garage at the university. This large open square is bordered by many University buildings, including the undergraduate library and the famous Suzallo library. When climbing the steps from the Allen Center for the visual arts, you have a fantastic view of the Gothic style Suzallo library rising above you at the opposite end of the square.

Kane, Gerberding, and Meany are other campus buildings that border the square. Each of these buildings has an architectural style worth viewing. Another view worth seeing is the point between Gerberding and Suzallo. This spot overlooks Drumheller Fountain and on a clear day reveals Mt. Rainier in the background. [more ]

Denny Hall

This is the oldest building on campus. It was built in 1895 and originally housed the administration offices, an auditorium, classrooms, laboratories, recital halls, and faculty rooms. It is built in the French Renaissance style and to me it looks like a cross between a chateau and a small castle. This attractive building now houses the language lab and is the home for numerous department offices including: Germanics, Classics, and Anthropology. I loved hearing the bell ring in the mornings; it rings every day at 8:20 a.m. If you are taking an architecture appreciation tour or a historical tour of the campus, you won't want to miss Denny Hall. [more ]

The Quad

Known formally as the Liberal Arts Quadrangle, the “Quad,” as it is more commonly called, is the most beautiful area on campus. I especially love to be here when the cherry trees (in the form of a ‘W’) are in bloom. The Quad is a large open area with wide walkways and cherry trees that lies in the midst of these buildings: Art, Music, Smith, Gowen, Savery, Miller, and Raitt. The exterior of these buildings are constructed in the collegiate gothic style that was chosen for the campus in 1915 (and since changed). The beauty of these buildings combined with the natural beauty of the Quad make it a perfect place to sit and study out-of-doors or to sit and eat your lunch under a tree. [more ]

Beautiful College Campus

The main UW campus has 643 acres. There are so many beautiful buildings on campus that one hardly knows where to begin. Some of the places at UW are already listed under Seattle as separate attractions (see Husky Stadium, Suzzallo Library, and Drumheller Fountain). I highly recommend each of those sites as well as many more.

Here is a bit of history on UW: UW was founded as a Territorial University in 1861, in what is now part of downtown Seattle. It was decided in 1891 that more space was needed, but the new land was not purchased until 1893. This land is where the university currently sits. The first building on campus, built in 1895, was Denny Hall. It was in this year, that the university was moved to its present site. Since then, UW has seen a great number of changes and an immense amount of growth. It is a beautiful campus and well worth the time to see. [more ]

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