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Hofbräuhaus, Munich

4.0 stars


Fun by the litre

The thing I like about the Hofbräuhaus is that it turns non-beer drinkers into beer drinkers, seperates the boys from the men, and is guaranteed fun for one and all. The food is traditonal German goodness, although I have found better in the smaller eateries. It is the singing, the large tables (which ensures you make new friends with your neighbours), and the one litre beers that are the real draw cards. This is a must on any trip to Munich, if only just to drop by and have one.... [more ]


Munich’s most famous beer hall, founded in the late 16th century, is an extremely popular destination for tourists looking to experience local culture. But it’s also very popular with the locals, so it can’t be that bad and if you enter into the spirit of things it’s quite a fun place. Don’t expect to sit down and be entertained, served, and otherwise treated with the utmost respect as you’ll be disappointed and missing the point. Sure it’s loud, average German kitchen, the beer comes in one litre mugs and the waitresses are abrupt, but that’s all part of its charm and attraction. Chat to the other tourists, chat to the locals, join in the drinking songs and you’ll have a fun time. [more ]

Munich - beer at Hofbräuhaus

Located in central Munich, not far away from Marienplatz, the Hofbräuhaus is a very popular place among locals and tourists. Too many times is crowded – especially when Bayern football games happen, but I found it quite empty other times as well.
The ambience is typically Bavarian – with the cute waitress carrying at once many good German beers, and a brass band dressed Tirol like playing Bavarian folk.
You can also eat here – and the inner garden is refreshing in the summer time. Maybe you will see too many tourists there – but I always felt a great atmosphere. Costs are reasonable for Munich – and you surely should have more than one kind of beer! [more ]

A classic but definently not the best

Hofbräuhaus is a classic and should be visited if you take a trip to Munich but it is definently not the best beer hall and is very tourist dominated. The beer is good and the food is aswell but the location and the reputation that this establishment has makes it more expensive and crowded than the the rest of the beer halls. If you want a quieter place try out the Hacker Pschorr Beer hall at Viktualienmarkt or if you want a genuine atmosphere try the Augustiner Brauhaus close to the Hauptbahnhof. But make no mistake, you can have a good time at Hofrbauhaus and if you are travelling alone this is a good place to meet up with other travellers. Try the big brezels from the Brezel lady walking around, together with a Weissbier they are unbeatable!

Btw, they usually have a live band playing aswell so get a seat close to the podium in the middle. [more ]

Hofbräuhaus, Munich

Munich is well known for its brilliant beer and educational landmarks. For example, the Hofbräuhaus will provide you with an genuine German environment and get you drunk at the same time. "Ein grosses Bier bitte", would be the ideal phrase to use when going to the Hofbräuhaus(in german means "one large beer please"). The Bavarian music, great tasting beer, and enormous pretzels, will give you a taste of authentic Munich. One thing I don’t really like about it is that it is really loud there, but I guess it is part of fun. [more ]

Hofbrau House

This is Munich’s ultimate place to drink beer. This place is even considered an attraction when visiting Munich. Come see what a traditional style German brewery is like. Here girls will serve you in traditional clothes and dress and carry beer to you. It seems to be all the German stereotypes come true. They will serve you one liter glasses full of beer that is much stronger than most. If you are used to American Beer, you will find this beer much stronger.

The restaurant itself dates back as early as 1589 when it was established. They have been running a great restaurant still even when I visited. The waiters and waitresses were quick and the food was really great.

If you missed out on Oktoberfest, come to the Hofbrau house for some German drinking fun and to hear some great original Bavarian folk music. It was like getting transported back to those early days when Bavaria used to be a lot more traditional than it is today. [more ]

Munich Brewery House

Thanks to this pub or Brewery House my trip to Munich was probably one of the best trips in my life.
The atmosphere there is something that you will never find somewhere else, it is just great, you meet new people and you just have the greatest time there.
The beer comes in a one litter mug and as the place and the people are really nice you don’t drink just one mug. You drink as many as your wallet can handle.
As you are drinking beer, you start getting a little hungry, that is where the Pretzel girl comes; a nice German girl dressed just like in the old days, she is probably asked more times to get in a picture with a costumer than for a pretzel.
I recommend this place, if you are into culture, if you are into landscapes, if you are into anything else, it doesn’t matter, most probably after the first beer mug you won’t even care and you will have the greatest time of your life. [more ]


I had heard so many stories about this old brewery, that it was already on my highlights list in Munich. We went there around 8pm and it was already full. I had never seen people enjoying themselves like that in Germany. The atmosphere is simply astonishing. The Hofbräuhaus is definitely a must for everyone who visits Munich. You can also eat there, but I find it a little bit expensive. The beer has a normal price, considering that they only serve 1Liter pints. We got friends with everybody that was sitting at our table and had a great time. I will visit it for sure on my next trip to Munich. [more ]

Hofbräuhouse (HB), Munich

This a perfect place to discover Bavarian traditional fun and hospitality. Situated at Plaztl 9, HB is basically a huge Beer House where you can taste different types of beer served in enormous mugs and glasses and some local food. When I say huge, I mean that it can fit 1300 guests in the main area and 70 people in a smaller room! There are typical long tables and benches where people seat all together. It adds a special fun feeling to the atmosphere. As far as this is one of the oldest breweries, some tables remain there from 1897 and have the historical engravings.
Your bench neighbors can often be people dressed up in traditional Bavarian clothes - these are the local regulars. They often have there own steins (customized beer mugs made of stone, known to be very expensive). Actually this is considered to be the unique rarity of HB. There is the whole collection of valuable steins belonging to the regulars from the foundation time.
The entertainment part includes everyday live band performance. Music is encouraging for dancing, what actually many people start to do after couple of beers.
Try Radi – local traditional radish snack. It went good with a beer.
Everyone is friendly and there is a specific flavor of happiness in the air. This is a must-visit number one for the Munich experience! Great evening after the sightseeing. [more ]

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