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Tir Nan Og, Kingston

5.0 stars


Tir Nan Og – The Old Speckled Hen – The Prince George Hotel – Irish Pub

To the left of the City Hall, across the street from the tourist center is The Prince Charles hotel. They say it`s haunted. I remember parts of a story involving a fire and the death of a lover a hundred years ago (or more).

The Old Speckled Hen is the bar in The Prince George Hotel. It`s got a whiskey and guinnes atmosphere to it. Designed for the sophisticated Irish and sport watching fenatic. A little deeper in is the larger Tir Nan Og. The Irish pub.

I went there with a few friends of mine on a good night indeed. They had live upity music with dancing performers. It felt like something straight out of The Lord of the Rings. I swear there were drunken hobbits dancing on the tables. [more ]

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