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Kolar, Vienna

5.0 stars


Kolar...totally addicting Stuffed Pitas

I am a regular at this basement Beisl...or would like to be if my pocketbook could afford it!! A Beisl is a basically a small bar in Austria. It's not only the cute waiters, but also the Fladenbrote that makes me want to spend my nights here. A flade is a flat bread made from pizza dough, baked in a clay oven, and stuffed with yummy things of your choice -- ham, cheese, olives, garlic spread, tomatoes, bananas and chocolate!

They also serve some very nice white beers (Weissbeir) and beers on tap. This is a hot spot for watching soccer matches and is occasionally quite busy. But not to worry, they have three locations -- two in the 1st district -- for you to try out! [more ]

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1. Manolos 1.39 mi
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