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Al Fayrooz Restaurant & Lounge, Vienna

5.0 stars


Al Fayrooz....get your belly dancing on!

Certainly the last thing you think about when visiting Vienna would be eating Lebanese and checking out a belly dancing show...but let me tell you...better to not get stuck in the tourist rut of only doing things Viennese and miss this show!

If you just want to smoke shisha and drink, take a spot in the outer lounge. However, you must reserve a table in the entertainment room to see the belly dancing and music. Two guys come out and play middle Eastern music on two keyboards and some hand drums -- surprisingly good for the equipment! Then at about 11pm a scantily clad belly dancer shimmies into the room and does her thing! The price for the entertainment (which we didn't notice until our second time there) is 8 Euros. But, since you get to take part in the dancing and singing and everything nice, it's well worth the price.

Of course, my favorite part of the evening is always the shisha smoking...I like to make smoke rings. The whole Hookah -- Wasserpfeife (water-pipe) they call it in German -- is 6 Euros, and the coals are about 50 cents a piece...although we have never been quite sure how much they are actually charging for them!

Delicious Lebanese food is accompanied by equally delightful beers, wine and drinks from the region. I'd recommend one of the hummus plates with falafel or olives... I hear the liver is good too, but you'll never catch me eating that! [more ]

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