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Stadtmuseum, Tübingen

4.0 stars


Stadt Museum

I took a trip to the city museum located right within the center of Tuebingen. Here they cover the history if Tuebingen back from when it used to be surrounded by castle walls all the way to today. It was hard to really enjoy the museum, because there were no English aides. All the text of the exhibits is in English except for one video that seems to play in Japanese.

The Museum itself consists of four floors. The top floor has a museum dedicated to puppetry though the use of stickfigure puppets. The work comes from an old theater in Tuebingen.

One floor covers the slow progression of history and how it has effected Tuebingen. This includes even an exhibit on how the hats that we wear on our head have changed over time.

Go to the first floor and you will be able to see what Tuebingen looked like before any technological innovations or city expansions. Here they have a lot of old pictures and postcards of how the city used to be. I was suprised by actually how many of the buildings look actually the same as they did when they were built. That is one thing about Germany, they perfer to renew and not destroy.

I would recommend going to the city museum to find out how a little history if you know a little German and can stand just looking at a lot of pictures. [more ]

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