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Azteca, Bellevue

4.0 stars



Golkanda is a so-so Indian restaurant in my books because it just isn't quite up to par with the other authentic Indian restaurants I've dined at in my past days. At other restaurants, service had been exceptional, but due to the recent change of ownership here, service has deteriorated. The food itself, though, is quite good, including masala dosa, curries, vegetarian options and more, plus my favourite: garlic naan bread. Golkanda is located at 15600 8th Street Northeast. [more ]


Azteca is part of a regional chain of restaurants which specialize in so-called "Americanized" versions of Mexican favourites such as burritos, enchiladas, fajitas, tacos, huevos rancheros and an incredible Molcajete stew, which can be made with your choice of chicken, beef or seafood. This restaurant, located at 150 112th Avenue Northeast, is very popular with large groups of people, therefore I would recommend coming early. [more ]

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