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Temple Bar, Dublin

4.0 stars


Top of the temple

Temple Bar region is compulsory for all tourists in Dublin. Despite its reputation as 'too touristy', there are still plenty of cool bars to visit. We had a great couple of nights out there, although my bank balance took a rather large dent. Like everywhere in Ireland the locals are awesome and you can enter almost any bar at anytime of the evening to be greeted by singing and dancing, and often a band or some hired performers too. [more ]

The Temple Bar - in general

Where to begin! What a shocker. The Temple Bar is pretty cool in a cheesy, tourist, fun kinda way. Its also very expensive. By day the place is colourful, vibrant , quirky and interesting. By night it is exactly the same although add intoxicated to that list! There are plenty of bars, restaurants, cafes, sandwich shops, clubs and shops in and around the Temple bar. The shops are generally specialist, alternative retail outlets, for example an amnesty international shop, vintage and fashion stores, record shops, independent jewellery shops, sex shops and tarot readers. The restaurants range from pubs with grub, to Irish specialistsm Italians, Tapas, Chinese, Indian, American, Pizza, Sandwiches - anything you fancy really, including a Hard Rock Cafe. The bars are again show a great diversity from rowdy typical Irish set ups to rock clubs, wine bars, fancy hotel lounges, music clubs, live music bars and strip/adult bars.
All of the above is spaced in a very small area of Dublin, which is handy as you barely have to stumble any metres doen the cobbled streets to find the next suitable venue.
Warning, many of the people at the Temple Bar are not Irish, although some are. My friends and I were chatted up in a manner I can onyl describe as agressive by some locals who were no doubt on the look out for girls on holiday looking for a 'good time'. Indeed the whole of the Temple Bar at night became a bit of a free for all and as a bunch of females we felt slightly intimidated by the unwanted advances of many groups of men visiting on stag nights, blokes holidays etc. I thinkits probably safe enough if you keep your wits about you - like anywhere else. We were warned by taxi drivers not to leave the Temple Bar area as there are alot of muggings and hand bag snatchings, this doesn't suprise me as parts of Dublin do seem to be very poor areas. Ladies bear this in mind and make sure you catch taxis and look after your possesions.
TheTemple Bar is a great place to visit, purpose built good times. Possibly not as authentic as it claims to be, but good times all the same! [more ]

Temple Bar

When in Dublin, we only visited the Temple Bar once, because we were staying rather far from the place. I didn’t like it that much, because it was very crowded and made especially for tourists. There were many americans and actually, people from all over the world. It’s a great place to meet new friends, have fun and socialize, but I find it rather expensive. That is, of course, normal for a high tourism-oriented area, but I prefer other areas, where you get to really understand the Irish spirit, their mentality and customs and learn a bit more about their lovely country. [more ]

Temple Bar: Touristy but fun

Temple bar is one of the oldest areas of Dublin and is renowned for being trendy. It is situated between Dame Street and the Liffey and was named after Sir William Temple who purchased the land. The streets are all cobblestones and are lined with pubs, cafes, restaurants, galleries, shops/boutiques, and small museums. This area is a ‘must visit’ while in the Dublin area, not only for its history and great offerings, but also for its wonderful atmosphere. I think it’s great to walk though during the day, seeing the hustle and bustle. I was told to be leery at night; however, I found it to be just as entertaining with the various intoxicated individuals that roamed the streets along with the Irish music that poured from pub doorways and windows. I did find this area to be quite pricy…as store/pub owners target tourists looking to spend their hard earned money while on holiday. Although this is a “must visit at least once” area, make sure you get out and explore the other areas of the city…there is so much more to see in Dublin! [more ]

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