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Apartment Ariba, Amsterdam

4.0 stars


Living in Amsterdam

Being from the United States Me always used to dream about how cool it would be to live in Amsterdam. Well, when I heard about this particular place called Appartement Ariba I was really amazed at what a great opportunity that it was. This place well let you rent apartments from there for the summer months at a really reasonable rate; unfortunately I don’t have the exact figure but I have heard that it is really fair. I think a summer in Amsterdam would be really awesome, especially if you were there with your significant other or a few really good friends. I recommend this place to anyone who is considering staying in Amsterdam for more than just a week or so. [more ]

Appartement Ariba

If you are planning on taking a trip to Amsterdam and are having a hard time finding a hotel for a decent price or you just don’t want to stay in a hotel, then you should check out Appartement Ariba. Appartement Ariba gives tourists a chance to do something different besides fork out way too much money to stay in a trashy hotel. I am not trying to criticize Amsterdam, but it seems like even for a two star hotel it is on average of one hundred euro. It is important to keep in mind that hotels are not your only option when going to Amsterdam; there are also apartments and house boats available for rent. Appartement Ariba has very nice apartments for reasonable rates. [more ]

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