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Camping Uitdam, Amsterdam

5.0 stars


Camping fun

I was also really impressed with how close the public transportation was to the camp site, which made things extremely convenient for us. The nice thing about this camp site is that it is very secure and never has any security issues. This is a really great idea because Amsterdam is the city that is well known for its personal freedoms, and what can be more liberating then camping in one of the more liberating cities in the world. I really had a great time when I was here and was really glad that the group and I decided to camp in Amsterdam instead of stay in a hotel which is way overpriced. I would recommend this place to anyone. Yeah, the experience is just so great that you would have to try it out yourself. [more ]

First impression

I have stayed in Amsterdam many times in the city center and I know how chaotic and loud it can be (not to say that it is not fun). It was really nice though to get done with all the walking that you do in Amsterdam and come back to a nice camp site to relax and unwind with your group. When we first arrived I thought that things were going to be crazy just like they were in the city but I was way wrong. The people that stayed at this campsite were mostly college students who were really laid back and quiet. It seemed as though they had the same intentions that we had, which was to have some peace and quiet when we came back to sleep at night. [more ]

The location of the camping site

I had a really awesome time with my group when we decided to go camping in Amsterdam instead of pay through the nose for a hotel. The name of the campsite where we went to was called Uitdam. This place was really cool and the staff was very friendly. Right off the bat, I noticed that they had all kinds of facilities that were necessary for a long stay such as Laundry facilities, bathrooms, showers and many more accommodations. Uitdam is just a little ways outside of the city center and is easily accessible by public transport which is phenomenal in Amsterdam. One thing that I noticed here was that it was way quieter then staying in the city which was really nice. [more ]

Cheap way to stay in Amsterdam

If you are planning on taking a trip to Amsterdam and don’t want to pay ridiculous prices for a hotel in the city then you should consider camping instead. Camping in Amsterdam is very safe and they have a very good program with very good facilities. One of the places that come to mind is a place called Uitdam, which is a little area just a few kilometers outside of the city. This camp site offers a bunch of different options for which ever suits your needs at the time. They have deals on places that you can camp for the whole summer and have total access to all of their facilities which include laundry, restrooms, and showers. So if you want to save some money and have some peace and quiet in Amsterdam then think about camping there. [more ]

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