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Harbouredge Apartments, Cape Town

4.0 stars
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Harbouredge Apartments

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Full Packaged Fun at Harbouredge Hotel

During our two-week honeymoon in Cape Town, my husband and I took advantage of the ample time at our disposal to explore the city to its finest details. My testimonial will be incomplete without mentioning the fantastic accommodation facilities of the Harbouredge Hotel. We were accommodated in the Harbouredge Hotel for the entire vacation and the staff of hotel accorded us the best tour itineraries, which took us to the Table Mountain National Park, Robben Island and Witels National Park. We also spent considerable time on the city’s sandy beaches where we were supplied with aqua-lungs and snorkels to dive and swim the deep waters of the turbulent ocean.
I was really impressed by the hotel’s austere settings that were emphasized by minimal décor and adequate lighting. The rooms were generously big, adequately furnished, air conditioned and equipped with phones and internet connections. The menu was excellent and featured a variety of delicious meals and drinks. The staff too was just incredible, friendly and ecstatic right from our arrival to our departure! [more ]

Harbouredge Hotel & Apartments

I stayed for two nights at the Harbouredge Hotel & Apartments following a recommendation from a close friend who had spent his honeymoon at the hotel. The friend had become so fond of the hotel after his honeymoon that he kept on encouraging me to book in the hotel because the facilities at the hotel are unique, luxurious and excellent. During my two nights stay at the hotel, I confirmed my entire friend’s description of the hotel’s services to be true. The Harbouredge Hotel & Apartment has a comforting environment because of its serene location in the outskirts of Cape Town. The rooms are excellently luxurious, spacious and have well equipped bathrooms. The food served at the hotel is also delicious with both local and international cuisines featuring in the menu. [more ]

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Harbouredge Apartments

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