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Kowloon New Hostel, Hong Kong City

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My USA Hostel Experience

Are you looking forward to a HongKong trip any time this year? I'm sure you are that is why you are reading this entry. Don't worry; I have tips where you should and should not get cheap hotel rooms in the heart of this "world city."

This year, I spent the Chinese new year in Kowloon, HongKong with my family. We stayed in USA Hostel in Tsim Sha Tsui. From the internet, the hostel looked promising. Wait till you get there.

The USA Hostel is composed of a series of hotel rooms located in different storeys of the Mirador Mansion. The latest set is called the Venetian Hotel, which is the cleanest and nicest among the rest. In this set, the rooms have comfy beds, pillows, blankets, and a bathroom with hot and cold shower.

On our first night, since we checked in at 3:00 in the morning, the manager of this hostel gave us a very good room from the Venetian area. She gave us two rooms, actually, which I thought was a kind gesture. On the second day, however, the staff asked us to move to another room. It was fine with me until I saw the new room--dilapidated wall, small space, a dangling TV that is ready to fall anytime, toilet with no flush, and a broken hot shower. Please don't make me mention the bed, pillow, and blanket which are as hard as a rock.

Though good impressions last, I strongly believe that bad impressions last longer. I tried to contest my right of a good hostel room because of the price I paid, which was 2,000HKD. Sadly, my persuading powers did not work. I was scared to demand as a customer because I was not in my country. We just thought to let it be since we would be staying out for our tour most of the time. Besides, we just had one more night to stay.

To put all my frustrations in one word, just say "disappointed." I was disappointed because Sandy, the customer service manager, was not as hospitable as she should be. I was disappointed because the man, Sandy's husband I guess, does not understand the value of customers, and lastly, the USA Hostel's website is deceiving. It shows good rooms but once you're there, you will be put in a small corner which suits the rats better than foreign customers.

(I could have taken pictures, but it was just a waste of battery to shoot that ugly room we stayed in.) [more ]

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