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Howth Vacations, Tourism and Travel

4.0 stars

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Howth, heritage and wild cliffs

The first stop pf my journey was in the heritage sites of Howth, so the Castle where you can't get in and from outside, honestly, doesn't exactly correspond with the idea of castle in the collective immagination. A sort of a wreck surrounded by the same green trees and nature you can find everywhere in Ireland.
Breathtaking panoramas through the overhanging cliff were the highlight of my day. More than an hour walking in the edge of the hill to reach the Summit, with young and less young tourists, all enthusiastic for the coming summer at the departure. As we kept going, always more exhausted looks around me that, anyway, carried on unperturbed taking as much pictures as I could,... [more ]

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Howth - Top Locations

Top Rated Attractions

1. St. Mary’s Church 4.0 stars
2. Howth Pier 5.0 stars
3. The Martello Tower 5.0 stars
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Top Rated Restaurants

1. Maud’s 5.0 stars
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