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Torres del Paine Natural Park, Puerto Natales

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Patagonia Chile - Torres del Paine

A good couple of hours north of the Strait of Magellan, driving from Punta Arenas the asphalted road ends a bit after the city of Puerto Natales. From there on expect lonely dusty roads and amazing views of the snowy peaks and glacial lakes of the Natural Park of Torres del Paine – one of the most beautiful areas in the Chilean Patagonia.

I recommend Nordenskjold lake (but don’t swim naked there!!), Gray Glacier and its lake blue icebergs, a walk around the Paine river, stopping for seeing guanacos and nandus, respect the eagles and avoid the pumas. Condors are HUGE - by the way !!

Having more than one spare tire may reveal critical if driving your own van. [more ]

Patagonia Torres del Paine fauna

The fauna of Torres del Paine is quite diverse and exotic. It was the first time I saw at a distance of a couple of meters a huge condor – understanding now why they can indeed fly away with a sheep in their claws.

Near the Grey Glacier I was not expecting though to see a flock of green noisy parrots flying so low that I had to crouch – these are the southern most parrots in the world. Icebergs and parrots are certainly not a usual combination!!

I did not see pumas, but instead guanaco bloody bones. Guanacos are “cousins” of llamas, and they can cross the roads at any moment. Saw also some nandus, the South America smaller “cousins” of African ostridges. [more ]

Patagonia - Torres del Paine Nordenskjold Lake

Nordenskjold was a Finnish-Swedish explorer from the XIX century – he went across North America, Patagonia and also Antarctica. Just in front of the most majestic peaks of Torres del Paine stands its blue milk glacial lake waters.

You need to walk about 2 hours from the last place where a car can go to – in order to reach this lake. The walk is quite beautiful though, passing some water cascades and really nice flora areas.

Because the altitude is considerable, use ultraviolet protector – to avoid sunburns. If you like to swim remember the water may be cold, say 6-7 C only!! If you go down to the edge of the lake, there is a small sandy beach to relax a bit. [more ]

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