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Ampera , Bandung

5.0 stars


Rumah Makan Ampera (Ampera Restaurant)

This is basically a Sundanese restaurant (Sunda is the local ethnic group in Bandung), but with a more modern feel. Ampera is one of the most famous Sundanese food franchise chain in Bandung, and certainly is my favorite.

There are several Ampera restaurants in Bandung, and the original one is in Soekarno-Hatta Street (South of Bandung). But as this particular one is a bit too far from the city center, I often go to the branches in Dago or Padjadjaran Street instead. The original restaurant has a more Sundanese interior and also a souvenir shop in front of it, while the ones in Dago and Padjadjaran has more modern and cozy interior.

Guest can choose what they want to have from a buffet table (and you pay per pieces you take afterwards). There are two choices of rice: plain white rice or red rice. I’d go with plain white, as the red rice often interferes with the taste of the food itself. But the red one isn’t bad, actually. Most of their foods are fried—fried fish, fried chicken, fried beef, fried tahu (bean curd), etc. All cooked in Sundanese style, of course. My favorite is their Babat Raweuy—fried skin of a cow. Sounds icky? Not at all, it’s so delicious!

The most interesting part is their ‘sambal’ section—Indonesian style chili sauce. Not all Ampera chain has four types of sambal like the ones in Dago and Padjadjaran, though. These four sambals are made with different composition, each has a uniqueness of their own, but all hot and spicy! To eat this sambal like a Sundanese, dip a chunk of vegetable in the chili sauce. The vegetable is served on the sambal table, all free.

My favorite desert in Ampera Restaurant is the Puding Srikaya—a pudding made from coconut milk with either brown sugar (the brown one) or pandan leaves (the green one). The best part of the restaurant is the price—one fried fish or fried chicken only costs IDR 5,500 (US$5.5). Any tourist definitely must go there to experience the real Sundanese cuisine. [more ]

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