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Free Bikes, Copenhagen

4.0 stars


Free Bikes

The first thing I noticed about Copenhagen was all the bicycles. The Danes ride around in large packs and they obey all the traffic signals. The cyclists even have their own lanes and sets of traffic lights to regulate the heavy bike traffic. Visitors to this city can jump in the melee simply by participating in the free bike program. All you have to do is find an unused free bike attached to one of the many racks around the center of the city. A deposit of a 20 Kroner coin releases the bike, and you are free to ride around on the bike for as long as you want. When you are done simply reattach a bike to any lock and you get your deposit back. The only catch is that the bikes are very popular and to find a bike you might have to get up early in the morning or take a night ride. Still it would be a shame to visit the city and not have participated in the bicycle traffic scene. [more ]

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2. The Polse Wagon 0.27 mi
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