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Aja Toro, Manzanillo

5.0 stars


Karaoke – El Aja Toro

The main road in the hotel district of Manzanillo. Heading towards downtown from El Crucero De Las Hadas, keep your eyes peeled for a sign with a bull called El Aja Toro. It`s attached to one of Manzanillos most well known taco stands (La Sonrisa – get the quesadillas). Step inside, find a seat, order beer, and select what you want to sing from the song menu. They don`t have much in the way of English songs, but there is about a page or two to choose from.

It`s dimly lit and there are lots of tables (including a pool table). We used to go there quite often, but I banned it for shame. On one particular drunken night of silliness, instead of handing the barman our song selection, we opted to give him a pencil drawn naked picture (spur of the moment ridiculousness). We laughed, it was funny. But he stopped coming to our table and he refused to let us sing anymore.

So when you go, keep your funny (awkward) thoughts to yourself. [more ]

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