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8mm Bar, Berlin

5.0 stars


8mm bar - mix with the locals and sometimes even rock stars

Any bar that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs visit when they're in Berlin is bound to be good... and it is! Situated at Schönhauser Allee 177b this bar is very easy to miss, look for the 'no dogs, no döner, no drinks' written in chalk just inside the door. They're open almost every night with regular DJs playing indie pop, electro, rock and experimental music. The same movie is constantly being projected onto one wall (when asked why they say 'because it's expletive good!') while patrons sit at the bar, comfortable couches or cram into any space available.

Reasonably priced drinks, around 2-3 euro for a beer and 6 for spirits or 'long drinks'. Free entry before 11pm and just 1 euro after. [more ]

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