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Greenhills Mall, San Juan

4.0 stars


Clean, Safe and Affordable: Only at Greenhills Shopping Center

Before going in Europe, I made sure I have had enough clothes to combat the cold weather. Since I was in the Philippines and it is all year round hot there, I really had to look for a place where I can buy the things I needed. And so I went to Greenhills Mall in San Juan. This mall is very famous for its price and for variety of ready to wear goods that it offers to the shoppers together with accessories and souvenir items. I have bought a lot of things there including pants, jeans, shirts, gifts, sets of cultivated pearl jewelries, six pairs of watches, shoes, among others. The prices are indeed good and the quality is not bad. Yes, it may not be all original and branded anfd the mall is a bit crowded but the quality is really something.

There are also boutique style stores but what Filipinos flock for in the area is the “tiangge”/bargain style of vendors where it is possible to negotiate with the sellers on the price that they initially offer. It’s really good for those who have a strong bargaining power. I remember the watch they sell for Php 2,000, we have managed to let them sell at Php 750 and the pair of girly mother pearl earrings for Php 50 instead of the original Php 300. Actually, buying in volumes do help because vendors look at you as a valuable customer giving you the favors you want. Just be wise and insistent though of you want to really save a lot. The place is safe, with security guards around. It is also clean and air-conditioned. There are restaurants and fast food chains both around and within the building. There are also ATMs.

If I can go back in Philippines again, I’ll definitely shop at Greenhills mall again. [more ]

Greenhills Center

Greenhills shopping center provides the best deals in town as it has everything from pirated DVDs to South Sea Pearls sold by equally southern vendors. There are rows and rows of affordable goods, and tourists flock to buy masterfully crafted designer knock-offs. Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci are the favorite brands of the pirates, and whenever a new season comes in, Greenhills is sure to have the counterfeit clone ready too. The best time to visit Greenhills is just before Christmas when all the good stocks come in from their various sources. There is a food bazaar in the middle of the hall where tasty Filipino delicacies are sold to celebrate the Yuletide season. [more ]

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