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Pantheon, Bonn

5.0 stars


Dancing the night away to 90's music at the Pantheon

When I saw there was a 90's party in Bonn I got very excited - call me sad but I LOVE cheesy 90's music. This seems to be a regular night at the Pantheon (situated at Bundeskanzleplatz) and attracts a range of ages. Playing anything from the party hits of the Vengaboys to the more rocky Nivarna. The Pantheon is laid out well, with a chill out room and a big bar at the top which is great when i had danced to much and needed a rest! Down the stairs is the dance floor where i found masses of people in a small space dancing like mad, singing along and gererally having a good time - i found the atomosphere to be great. There is also a small bar just outside the dance floor which I found very useful :o) The drinks were also not to expensive. All in all if you are looking for a great night dancing to cheesy music then this is probably the place for you. [more ]

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