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Pho Hoa, San Juan

4.0 stars


A Helathy Dining Experience at Pho-Hoa Vietnamese Restaurant

With one of my trips to Greenhills Shopping Center in San Juan, Metro Manila I happened to have a late afternoon lunch at this Vietnamese Restaurant. Actually, the exact location is at V-105 of V Mall. It is quite hidden and not that easy to locate. I was with a friend who knows the place at heart that’s why we were able to see this place easily.

I should say that the décor is not so bad inside but the place is really small sitting only ten tables. But don’t be desperate because it is possible to eat with its additional open air tables beside of which is a little garden with interesting plants and flowers. If I remember it good, the plants and flowers beside it are also for sale but under the patronage of a different store/business.

About the food, they have the traditional Viet noodles of course as the name of the resto suggests. Some are Phở Tái or the noodle soup with eye round steak; Phở Chín, Bò Viên or the noodle soup with brisket & meat balls. However, as a typical Filipino, I still chose something with rice, a rice mix. They have a variety of rice mix as well such as Cơm Sườn Nướng Xả or that grilled lemon grass and pork chop served with steam rice and vegetable. I ordered Cơm Gà Nướng Chả Giò, a
grilled chicken and fried roll served with steam rice and vegetable. One serving is really much. Actually, I have seen families dining in the place dividing a portion into three for it was a bit overwhelming to be eaten by a single person.

The taste? It was good. Not much of artificial flavorings. The veges are fresh as my nearby table diner munch on that plate of leafy vege I could not fathom what. But it looked so appetizing how he ate. Both local and foreign people flocks the place to try this Vietnamese food although the price is a bit above the normal Filipino budget. Try one! [more ]

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