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Kubo Grill, Quezon City

4.0 stars


Reasons for Coming Back

Being a newly inducted regular, I have found many reasons to love this unique place. First, it provides us (me and my friends) the perfect spot for our “chilling-out” needs while sustaining our bellies with great affordable and delicious meals we never get tired of. Next, it creates the perfect opportunities for mingling with people from other schools like Ateneo de Manila University and Miriam College. Lastly, the barbecue sauce is just so mouthwatering, and it’s my number one reason for coming back to this lovely place. Plus, you can ask for the barbecue sauce anytime because it’s for free! Try this place and you’ll find yourself addicted to its irresistible flavors. And if you can’t get enough, remember: Kubo Grill delivers food and also offers catering services. Just give the restaurant a ring. [more ]

Food Choices in Kubo Grill

The eatery offers five kinds of food choices which I like very much: Inihaw Espesyal or Fried Specials that cost around $0.25 to $2.00, Mga Prito or Fried Foods that are served with rice for as low as $0.63 to $1.85, Mga Paborito or Favorite Viands served with rice for $2.00 or less, Pampahaba ng Buhay or Noodles for $1.50 (“Pampahaba ng Buhay,” directly translated as life “prolongers.” There’s a belief in the Philippines that noodles can lengthen one’s life because of its length.), and Dessert for less than $0.50.

But, the must-trys of Kubo Grill are its ever-famous (and my new favorite) Chicken BBQ, ¼ barbecued chicken served with unlimited rice and barbecue sauce for as low as $2.00, Daing na Bangus or Fried Milkfish for $2.00. If you’re looking for an exotic food, try Isaw Manok or chicken intestine for $0.20 each stick. Well, it looks like I’ve listed everything here. But to tell you the truth, I haven’t yet. Kubo Grill offers more, and those are all for you to find out. [more ]

Getting There

Getting to this popular eatery is a bit tricky since it’s kind of well-hidden among the many dining areas in Katipunan Avenue. But the locals are very familiar with Kubo Grill, so the safest and most practical way to get there is by hailing a cab and stating your destination. This is my recommended mode of transportation for both foreign travelers and first-time Filipino visitors alike. However, if you are more adventurous, you can simply ride a jeep going there, provided that you’re within the grounds of the University of the Philippines when you hail that jeepney. Just get the jeep with the red roof and you’ll be in Katipunan Avenue in no time. I’m not kidding about the red roof; take note of that. [more ]

A Robber-free Location

Somewhere along the streets of Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City lies this popular eatery among many other restaurants. And I tell you, you’d have to be a bit bold and adventurous in exploring this area to get to where you want to be. Situated near the final footbridge at Katipunan Avenue, and directly in front of Ateneo de Manila University, Kubo Grill is hidden beneath the shadows of restaurants like Cello’s and Bo’s Coffee House. Don’t worry though; the best thing about the location is that it’s a safe, robber-free environment. It could be quite an adventure but surely after having a bite of its chicken, you’d realize that every step you took to be able to journey safely to Kubo Grill was worth it. [more ]

Kubo Grill

It is that time of the day again when the tummy-clenching urge to eat takes over your whole being. However, eating seems like a dull chore when you dine in the same old mundane place, right? Well, don’t worry! My most recent discovery could help break your monotonous eating habits and turn it into an ultimate dining experience. Great urban ambience, very accessible place, wide-area parking, good music, and let’s not forget the cheap yet super scrumptious food. Get ready to spicen up your life with the place that serves the best barbecued chicken and unlimited rice combo in town: Kubo Grill—just another taste of a native Filipino cuisine. [more ]

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Kubo Grill Quezon City
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