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Guadalupe Mall, Makati

2.0 stars


Be Wise and Careful at Guadalupe Mall

The condo unit I used to share and rent with friends is located at Guadalupe. Thus, it was a very practical move to shop at the nearby mall, the Guadalupe mall. There is really nothing special about the mall. It is a bit old and dirty but inside, there are lots of Muslim vendors selling stuffs. It is a bargain style where the ones who are good in convincing and influencing sellers can save money. However, to those who are new, and simply passing by the mall, if you seem to look that you have money, the prices of the things you like to buy simply becomes higher. What I am trying to say is, be careful when buying. Always compare prices because after you know it, you have been fooled.

The mall is very crowded and noisy and be careful with your wallets and bags too. It is the center point of everything and the meeting point of everyone. As I have said, it is a bit practical to be in this mall because it is beside the EDSA, it has fast food stores both inside and in the vicinity, there are banks, cell phone shops, groceries, cell phone repair shops, hardware store, school and office supplies store, electronics store, among others. Everyday, the place is simply packed with passers-by and shoppers or pickpockets alike. After you came out the mall, don’t be surprised if there are at least two street children begging you for money or food.This mall is also the entry point to the Guadalupe terminal of the MRT (the rail transit). [more ]

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