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Stanley Park, Vancouver

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Stanley Park

Commissioned in 1886, and with over 8 million visitors per year, Stanley Park is the second largest park in Canada at 1,000 acres and is larger in comparison than New York’s Central Park.

Stanley Park is home to a number of wildlife including birds, squirrels, and coyotes. The park also offers beautiful manicured ground including many displays of flowers. At Beaver Lake, there are trees – Hemlock, Red Cedar & Douglas Fir that are estimated to be between 600-800 years old.

The set of eight authentic carved Native totem poles are reportedly the most photographed attraction in all of British Columbia. And it's easy to see why - they make a great souvenir photograph! The characters on the totem represent a complete family history as each one has it's own meaning. But generally it is said that the totem poles are placed to either welcome or warn visitors.

The Vancouver Seawall is one of the most popular attractions in Stanley Park. It took 60 years to build and runs 7.5 miles around the perimeter of the park. It’s popular for walking, jogging and cycling alike. In the peak summer months, over 1,000 people per hour pass by on the seawall.

From Prospect Point, Stanley Park offers a wonderful view of the Lion’s Gate Bridge leading over to North Vancouver. The bridge is also known as the First Narrows Crossing which rises high above Burrard Inlet. Over 72,000 people per day pass on the Lion’s Gate Bridge.

On any given day, it’s easy to spot film crews from Hollywood and New York filming throughout the park. For physical activity, the park offers tennis, golf, swimming, the seawall and children’s playgrounds including an inviting water park.

Even though the damage caused by the almost hurricane force windstorm of December 2006 is still being worked on by clean-up crews today, the park looks fantastic. I could still see a few huge toppled tree stumps as we toured the park but I surprised to learn that 5,000 trees were uprooted with another 5,000 being damaged in some way. I would never have known it.

Whatever you do during your trip to Vancouver, do not miss this beautiful highlight of the city. [more ]

Stanley Park

One Canada tourism Web site calls Stanley Park "the crown jewel of Vancouver's parks." That it is. As one of North America's largest city parks, Stanley Park offers strolling, bicycling and roller blading in a place of beauty beyond compare. Check out the totem poles or the water park where the kids run through water's downward trip after being shot up from a fountain pipe. The kids petting zoo is cool, and nothing tops off a visit better than a ride on the miniature train, the horse-drawn carriage or seeing the aquarium. There's even an outdoor theater. Truly, you could happily spend your entire all your days in Vancouver at Stanley Park. [more ]

Horse Drawn Carriage Tour Stanley Park

Our one hour horse-drawn carriage tour was led by our two mares, Jack and Ace (better known as the Bart Simpson of the horse world), and was professionally narrated by our driver, Gerri.

Even though I’ve driven the park route many times, this was the best way to see Stanley Park overall. The narration gives a wonderful history of the park that you wouldn’t get if you simply drove yourself.

The tour is obviously at a leisurely pace and it’s great for enjoyable sightseeing and taking photographs. Our tour was aboard a wooden trolley car that takes 1,500 man hours to build. Everything is built for the ease of use for the horses including using free-standing tongues and aluminum trees.

The horses as well kept and their daily schedule was explained like this: breakfast, full body massage (grooming), coffee break, tour, coffee break, shower, another full body massage and then dinner. According to Vancouver city bylaws, all horses must be geldings (neutered males) within the city limits.

There are 16 horses in use during the summer and they are worked 3 days on, 1 off. Then they get an “all expenses paid” vacation to their Fraser Valley farm for 1-2 months each year, with some horses receiving as much as 3-7 months off. The average age of their horses is about 13 years old; the average life span is 25-32 years. After 20 years of service, the horses are retired to vacation permanently at the farm.

The horse-drawn tours operate from March 15 – October 31 and cost approximately $25 per adult. Do not forget your camera! Another great advantage to taking the horse-drawn tour is that you can purchase combo tickets for Stanley Park which offer savings on the Vancouver Aquarium, Harbour Boat tours, Vancouver Lookout, Vancouver Art Gallery, and more. [more ]

Stanley Park

As we were walking in Vancouver’s downtown we saw a huge forest right in front of us. We were all excited about walking it. Later we found out that the forest’s name was Stanley Park. The park is like the version of “Central Park” in New York although I am almost sure this one is bigger.
As we were so excited about the park, we decided to wake up really early the whole week and take a walk while looking at the sunrise with a hot cup of coffee. We were only mad enough to do it twice, because we were getting really tired through the day for sleeping so little.
The view of the sunrise from the park is something we will never forget and the filling of tranquillity and nature while drinking a cup of coffee turned into one of my favourite memories of the trip. [more ]

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