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Why Not, Edinburgh

5.0 stars


Great club!

Why Not has been widely recognized as the best club in Edinburgh, and I have to agree: Why Not has some of the best music of any club in Edinburgh, reasonable drink prices, and is one of the only clubs I've ever been to that didn't make me feel like a total slob.

I'm usually not too into the clubbing scene, to be honest: all of the bouncers and bartenders judging and picking the prettiest/richest/most nicely dressed people to let in or serve is just annoying to me, and I'd rather go to a bar where the drinks are cheap and I can actually hear my friends when they're talking to me.

I don't know if it's Scottish hospitality or just this club, but I didn't feel any of that here. I wore a dressy top and jeans and didn't feel judged, even though some other girls were in dresses and heels, and all of the music was so good that I never wanted to get off the dance floor! Luckily, some friends brought us drinks: entire pitchers of Red Bull and vodka which were surprisingly inexpensive given the venue.

All in all, this is a great clubbing experience, even for those who aren't usually that big of a fan of clubs. Highly recommended if you're spending some time in Edinburgh! [more ]

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