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Salsa!, London

3.0 stars


Free Friday evening Salsa lessons in Central London

Bar Salsa is so much fun. Not only it is a really nice restaurant it is also a great place for dancing. Every Friday they organize a 2 hour free Salsa class. I´ve been there so many times. The teacher is so energetic and fun you will really feel like joining in. I do not like it that much as the night goes on as it tends to get so overcrowded dancing comfortably is not longer that easy but it is a place with a great atmosphere. Rarely not to see you people with big smiles as they dance. Prices in drinks are great and eating there is also good. They have a nice Latin food menu. The deco is kind of Mexican themed with wooden floors great for dancing about. A great restaurant-club-bar all in one! [more ]

the WORST night I've ever had in London

I was really curious about this place, some friends told me about it good things others bad things but as always you can never say anything unless you go and watch it for yourself.

here is what will happen if you go to try to find out.
- unwelcoming people that will just ask you to pay money and more money with their large faces, as if they are doing a favour to receive you (this has never happened to me in other salsa places, usually latin people are really nice)
- the hottest environment you can ever find (and i don't mean it like hot for good place, it is actually hot as hell) as soon as you enter you may want to take out your coat or jacked, it is insupportable.
- the music and the people is ok at the beginning.
- later if you want to dance you will end with somebody else's sweat (disgusting!!) but if you don't mind I'll tell you that the room is "so big" that this will happen anywhere inside the place. (truly.. disgusting!)
- i tend to forget my camera in my coat so when me and my friends want to take some pictures i just go back to the cloak room and say "please can i have my coat back for a second" and grab my camera and give my coat back. this has happened to me three times and the two first nobody had any trouble. but in this place they wanted to charge me again. ¿? it makes no sense!!
- so "if you have a complain, talk to the bouncer" who will be happy to find any word you say to use it as excuse to hit you and show that he is stronger than you. This is what make the best of the night, i asked to talk with the manager in a really calm way and he just started yelling at me, man definitely you should never tolerate this behaviour from anybody, specially if you are paying for something. oh yeah i almost forget, and he will call his other two bouncer friends because they want to make sure they have the last word.

I am terrible disappointed from this place and i will publish this as much as i can, but my recommendation is, 'find it out your self' you'll see that it is not worth it!!! there are plenty of better places to learn and dance salsa in London!! I can assure that!! [more ]

Bar Salsa

Bar Salsa is located on Charring Cross Road, the nearest tube station is Tottenhamcourt Road. There are various different nights; some nights there are free salsa lessons etc and they often put a party night on. The bar is divided in half, half is a bar with salsa dancing and half is a restaurant. Whatever you do don't go to the restaurant! The food is awful, the service was the slowest service I have ever had, and everything the waiter brought us was the wrong thing, plus half the things we ordered never came! The salsa dancing did look fun though. [more ]

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