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The School Of Art, Glasgow

4.0 stars


Art in the Heart of Glasgow

The Art School is one of Glasgow's biggest assests in numerous ways. Not only is it a highly respected institution but it's also home to the amazing Macintosh Building, which is labyrinthine and unique and totally worth a visit, especially for Macintosh fans. If you manage to sneak up to the higher levels, you also get a pretty nice view of the city. There's a shop there now, and the Vic building across the way is also home to one of the city's most lively night clubs. It's also worth nosing around in case there's an exhibition on, and the various departments reguarly have sales of their work so you can bag some bargain art or jewellery. One of the other attractions is the students themselves, who live up to every stereotype concerning art students are generally doing or wearing something unusual. [more ]

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