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Tiger Tiger, London

3.0 stars


A cool nightclub in Central London

Tiger Tiger is a restaurant, bar and nightclub chain where you can have a lot of fun, eating, drinking and dancing in a busy environment. In London, the house is near Piccadilly Circus, in the heart of West End. The restaurant has a wide range of menus with great food and fair prices and the bar normally offers happy hour discounts in a variety of drinks. I prefer go to Tiger Tiger at evening to enjoy the club, which has different kinds of music according to each one of the five areas. Despite its huge size, the nightclub uses to be crowded, especially on Fridays and Saturdays. Before 9pm, normally the entrance is free. So, people use to arrive early. After 10pm, perhaps you will face queues outside. The great music and atmosphere of the place deserve a night. Tiger Tiger can also be found in Aberdeen, Glasgow, Cardiff, Newcastle, Manchester, Leeds, Croydon and Portsmouth. [more ]

Tiger Tiger Bar – Piccadilly Circus

Tiger Tiger is a huge bar that I get totally lost in! There is the main bar area plus loads of little stair wells leading off to smaller rooms and seating areas. The décor is pretty cool and the place is generally pretty busy both during the week and at weekends. Its open late usually till about 3am. Its just around the corner from Piccadilly Circus tube station too so very accessible. They also put on random events like speed dating, but that is in just one of the rooms and the rest of the bar functions as normal. [more ]

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