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H1 Kombinats Hotel, Cologne

5.0 stars


H1 Kombinats Hotel

We were really lucky to find a pretty cheap hotel on for like 60,- per night for a room in a walking distance from the city centre. Located very closed to U-Bahn and S-Bahn station from both directions on the Venloer Street, it is very convenient for all the guests staying at the hotel. H1 Kombinats Hotel is a very clean and nice hotel. We were a bit surprised when we arrived there and nobody was there to let us in. We had to call the number stated on note on the door to tell the receptionist that we were there and that we already had a reservation. For the price, we were really surprised about the great room that we had. It was not just a simple room, but also a comfortable apartment with shower, a small kitchen, and dining area, in-good-condition bed, and a super huge balcony, which made our room double its size. As a girl, I was pretty curious about the kitchen. They already put all necessary stuff in there. All spoons, knives, plates, bowls, glasses, pots, pans and everything that you might need when you really do cook! Around the corner was Lidl supermarket. Isn’t it just fabulous? I loved this place. [more ]

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