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Goldener Schwan, Aachen

5.0 stars


Schwan, with great German cuisine

If I tell you that Goldener Schwan Restaurant was established in 1438, I am sure you’d be like “what?!?!?!”. Yeah, it is true
A couple weeks ago, my friend told us that there is a very nice restaurant with German cuisine and some other traditional specialties from Aachen. I am a big food taster, so of course I can’t miss this chance. Goldener Schwan is located at 37D Markt, Aachen. It was my first time in a real German cuisine restaurant with specialties from Aachen.

We ordered aubergine baked with mozarella cheese, tzaziki salad, German sauerbraten with rotkraut, and then chicken with mushroom sauce. The food is really awesome, especially the sauerbraten. If you really want to try authentic German food, then you should try sauerbraten. The meat is so soft, that you don’t really need to chew.

The prices there are very decent, and you can also book Easter special meals or brunch. But for Easter meals, you have to reserve in advance (a month earlier). They also have mussels menu offer for 12 Euro / portion and it is really huge for one person. Besides German food, they also have some other fusion but not too much like tzaziki or some other Italian choices. If you can read German, why not visit their homepage : [more ]

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Goldener Schwan Aachen tzaziki salad pork with cream sauce Sauerbraten Chicken with mushroom sauce
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