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Knossos, Aachen

4.0 stars


Knossos comes from friendly service

Knossos is one of the famous bars amongst the students in Aachen, especially RWTH students. There is always a reason to celebrate! Located at 28 Templergraben, Aachen makes it very easy to reach. Knossos sounds very Greek, so of course they also offer Greek food. I always go there to drink with my friends (students from RWTH) and have tried the snack there a couple time. It is really tasty. I ate the wrap with chicken (Greek style) and cheese. Yummy! Be careful before you order your beer there, cos a lot of beer contain 9 – 15 percent of alcohol. My fave beer is “quark bier”, and it is in a bottle which looks like a potion bottle with wooden plate. I like Knossos very much cos the owners treat the customers just like best friends. And they serve greatly! [more ]

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