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Eshavira Club, Granada

5.0 stars


Spain, Granada - Eshavira Flamenco Club

By the end of the night, or when you start it – since you never know in Granada, the Eshavira Jazz and Flamenco club is an interesting place to hang out.

To find it is not trivial – since you will need to do some zigzags. The look inside is smoky and dark – but you feel at once that you are in a music place with Flamenco and Jazz references all over.

In the lower level of the club the smoke density is higher…in the upper floor the darker lonely areas are somehow of a labyrinth at some point – it depends on how much you have been drinking.

This is not a soft club – you will find women with bruised eyes, anachronic hippies, gypsies and “sailors” of all sorts together. It certainly has a unique atmosphere – have a go! [more ]

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Eshavira Club Granada
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