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Charles Bridge, Prague

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Exploring Charles Bridge and region

Charles Bridge is the postcard of Prague. The exclusive bridge for pedestrian connects the Old City to the region of Mala Strana, where is located the Prague Castle. The bridge was built by Carlos IV on 1357 and, from 1683 many very interesting baroque statues were raise in its both sides. The bridge style is beautiful and from there, you can have impressive views of the medieval city. Street artists, playing songs, painting or doing performances, are very common along the bridge. My tip is also walking along the riverside, so you can have great points of view of Charles Bridge and also the castle. In the evening, this tour is well worth, once you can see both with lights. I use to say that Prague is one of the most different cities I have been and walking through its characteristic streets and bridges is always a great surprise. [more ]

The Tower @ Charles Bridge

You can't go to Prague without running into the Charles Bridge at some
point. One of the best parts is the Bridge Tower, which is a great way
to take in the bridge without the crowds (or fear of being
pick-pocketed). 50 CZK ($2.50 USD) will get you to the top of the top,
giving you a nice workout and some of the best views of Prague's tiled
rooftops and a bird's eye view of the bridge and its gaggle of
artists, buskers, and artisans. [more ]

Charles' Bridge (Karluv Most)

Charles’s Bridge (Karluv Most) is probably the most famous attraction in Prague. The bridge originates from the 14-th century and today still looks the way it looked so many years ago. Around it there are the statues of the different saints, the oldest statue is the one of St John of Nepomuk near the Mala Strana end of the bridge. Currently, the bridge is being renovated and around 1/4-th of it cannot be seen well. Also, the human traffic at the places of the renovation is really dense, so one cannot really enjoy the views, but the renovation is not going to be finished in 10 years, so probably the tourists have to get used to it. [more ]

Charles Bridge

This is one of the most enjoyable walks that you will experience any where. The pedestrian-only bridge is filled with strollers, street musicians and visual artists. The view of Prague is fantastic and the Late Gothic architecture of the structure itself is somrthing to admire. [more ]

Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge it is one of the most representative items in Prague. If you were in Prague and never got the chance to take a walk through it than you can't say you've actually been in Prague. Spring is the perfect time to visit Prague. If you take a walk on Charles Bridge even though it's not that long, it would take you at least 2 hours to make it to the other end. It is impossible just to walk, you have to gaze at all those musicians playing their instruments, the painters drawing the bridge or making portraits of whoever wants to. As well there are so many things you can buy there, from common souvenirs to master-piece jewelry. And after a long walk, it is absolutely necessary to visit a local tavern for a hot glass of wine! [more ]

Bridge: Charles Bridge

All you romantic strollers, art lovers, jazz fans or simply people that do want to see a marvelous view of the city can definitely not miss Charles Bridge. Apart from the fact that it is one of the most visited tourist sites in Prague it is also the oldest bridge to cross Vltava river, having been constructed over 400 years ago and has been preserved in it’s “natural” form. Along its 7 km you can find numerous souvenir stalls, street artists performing various kinds of music or painters trying to capture the beautiful view one can have from the bridge. I was personally overwhelmed by it’s beauty but even more by the view you have from it .You can perfectly see the castle and it’s surroundings on one side, and especially at night when it is lit by numerous lights, there are no words to describe the beauty. On the other side you can see the old city center and in the horizon you can see how interestingly old, bohemian style buildings can mingle between new, modern ones. Some may say the styles cannot be combined but Prague definitely has the tendency to bend these rules. [more ]

Charles Bridge

I love Prague. Charles Bridge is one of the best attractions. We spent about 1 hour there just to stay in the middle of the bridge and see both cities connected. It truly is a spectacular view. The style of the bridge is the Gothic style and connects the Old Twon and the Malá Strana where the Castle is located. You must visit the bridge more than two o three times per day to see the sunset, the night and the morning view. Before the bridge was also used for cars and trams but now is only a pedestrian zone, if you also stay there for more than 30 minutes you understand its not because of the rush hour but just to contemplate a beautiful city. [more ]

Charles bridge

Charles bridge is located in the Old Town (Prague 1). To me it is one of the most beautiful places in Prague and you cannot visit Prague without taking a stroll down the Charles bridge. As I was in Prague during winter we went for a walk in the middle of the night and it just started to snow, it was one of the most beautiful walks I have ever had.

The bridge dates back to 13th century and it was built by Peter Parler. In the beginning the only ornament on the bridge was a simple cross however in the period between 1600 to 1800 30 statues were added. Nowadays there 75 statues altogether, but many of them are copies are floods and other kinds of natural disasters damaged the original ones. Charles bridge is also a main pedestrian zone that connects Old Town with Mala strana and continues to the Prague castle. It is always lively at the Charles bridge with many stalls during the day, so if you want to avoid the tourist rush go early in the morning or in the evening, you will be treated to splendid views of Prague. [more ]

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