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La Bodeguita del medio, Prague

5.0 stars


Prague Cuban bar La Bodeguita del Medio

So what good things could came from the Cold War in what regards a mix between Prague and La Havana? Does La Bodeguita del Medio rings any mojito bell? Indeed Prague has its own Bodeguita del Medio, not only La Havana! Actually this nice bar opened in 1992 – so it is not a Cold War direct by-product.

I am not much of a smoker – but the Cuban cigars there are nice, great Cohiba Corona ones. The mojitos are excellent, but what I like mostly about this bar are the walls – fully written on, three is not an inch free for your own graffiti or inspired dedication.

There is always Cuban music going on – and some dancing ladies to teach you a few steps too. The atmosphere is great – right on the centre of old Prague. [more ]

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La Bodeguita del medio Prague
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