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Den Gyldene Freden, Stockholm

4.0 stars


Den Gyldene Freden

Den Gyldene Freden, or Golden Peace in English, is one of the oldest and most famous restaurants in Stockholm. Founded in 1722 it is not a mere recreation of a typical 18th century tavern... it IS a typical 18th century tavern... except for the impressive winelist, upmarket menu and computers, of course...
Go in through the large wooden doors and you'll find a surprising number of rooms, each with its own character. Go down the steps, and you essentially take a seat inside the old cellar.
The place usually opens at around 11:30 on weeksdays, and serves some very nice lunches. But be warned, this is for fine diners only - it is expensive - but does add a measure of Swedish authenticity to justify the prices. If you want to know what you're getting yourself in for, the restaurant's website provides full menu details.
The wine list is superb, and the quality of the food even more so. I could only fault the service to some extent - some waiters looked downright uninterested, but then again some others made up for it. Mind your head if you go to the toilets - clearly those living in the 18th century were not as tall as us! [more ]

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