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Le Mont Saint Michel, Pontorson

5.0 stars


Le Mont Saint Michel

Le Mont Saint Michel is one of the iconic images of France. This dramatic rocky island standing in a treacherous muddy bay of fast moving tides and reached by a narrow causeway is topped by an impressive 11th century abbey and the sight of it towering over the flat surrounding land is very memorable.

A car park is provided at the foot of the island (charges apply) and there is also a charge to visit the abbey itself but you can wander the narrow cobbled streets that wind around the area for free and there are dramatic views out across the bay.

The island has its fair share of souvenir shops and overpriced restaurants and can get incredibly busy in high tourist season so, if possible, I’d recommend a trip out of season when a day of stormy rain can make the setting even more impressive.

A “service town” of hotels, cafés and an alligator farm has also grown up along the main access road a mile south of the Mount. The nearest SNCF station is at Pontorson. [more ]

Le Mont Saint Michel Bay

The Bay around Le Mont Saint Michel is very sandy and is where some visitors have actually been known to get stuck in quick sand so a guide is a must. The other phenomenon is the coastal tides which can apparently come racing in at the speed of a galloping horse, you can walk across to Le Mont Saint Michel or you can drive as well. If you drive you will have to ask where to park if you are staying past a certain time as some parts of the car park will be underwater in high tide! Its free to get in just very expensive to stay or eat although there is some cheaper version of foods there. It is definitely worth the visit – and a great wonder of the world in my books. [more ]

Le Mont Saint Michel

One of my most memorable moments of France has got to be my visit to Le Mont Saint Michel. Its difficult to describe it as a massive abbey which sits on a rocky formation and towers over anything else for miles. You certainly cannot miss it as you drive towards it and is a very impressive site. The historic walls hide a village inside which is so quaint with old buildings where you can shop, eat or sleep. A visit to the abbey is well worth it and the views are wonderful. It is a great wonder of the world and I would recommend anyone and everyone to see it. It is situated in Northern France in Normandy, on the coastline at the mouth of the Couesnon River. [more ]

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