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Kampung Daun Culture Gallery & Café , Bandung

5.0 stars


Kampung Daun Culture Gallery & Café @ Triniti Villas

A total heaven! I highly, highly, highly (yup, that’s three) recommend you to go here. This place is just so SURREAL that nobody can afford losing a chance to have dinner at this place. Okay, the food is not amazing, but then everybody should admit that most thematic restaurants seldom serve good food. They are just too beautiful anyway!

This restaurant, which name means The Village of Leaves, is located near Lembang Hills. It is located inside Triniti Villas, a cluster of sophisticated and luxurious villas commonly owned by Indonesia’s top VIPs. The entrance to the restaurant is a stony gate, beautifully lit by a bon fire and a massive number of candles—too romantic to resist.

As I walked into the beautiful gardens behind the gate (and after doing my round of oohs and aahs), a friendly waiter guided me to one of their gazebos. Actually, you can choose to sit in the gazebos or in the main building—I would not, in a million years, skip the chance of sitting in their gazebos—they’re designed in a Sundanese meets Middle Eastern style, complete with colorful little pillows. Amazingly pretty.

They have a pathway in the middle of the artificial garden, with gazebos on both sides. The pathway leads to a bridge out on the back side, with a river underneath and a water fall (which I think was man-made, but turned out to be real!). The first time I went there they had ducks swimming in the river, but not on the second time. I don’t know where they’d gone, but it’s a shame, as I thought they were pretty.

Their food is not great, which is unfortunate, as their prices are slightly more expensive then any other restaurants in Indonesia. But surely it is cheaper than most western countries. I spent around IDR 70,000 (US$7) for dinner for two. I’d also recommend their Nasi Rawon (an Indonesian version of beef soup), Nasi Enak (Rice cooked with coconut milk, served with fried chicken etc), or Nasi Ayam Bumbu Bali (Chicken cooked in spicy Balinese style), as they’re quite nice.

A minus point is that you can’t reach this place by any public transportation. Take the taxi instead, and say you want to go to Triniti Villas, on the way to Lembang from Sersan Bajuri Street. Unfortunately, the taxi may cost you quite a bit from the city centre (even if the taxi uses a proper meter). Check out their website at for further details and their photos. [more ]

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