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Zwinger, Dresden

5.0 stars


Weapons museum in the Zwinger

The museum of weapons and armours in the Zwinger is the nicest museum of this kind I have ever seen. There are several big halls full of swords and rapiers and all other weapons that the knights used to wear. There is even a construction of a mounted knight with its full weaponry and armoury equipment. It is forbidden to make pictures in the museum, but if you wish to make picture of your favourite weapon – there is nobody actually watching. Entrance fee was around 2 euros for students, so it is pretty cheap too. [more ]


The Zwinger in Dresden is the Palace of the dukes and kings of Saxony. It is an enormous Baroque palace in the center of the city. There is a great inner courtyard in the palace with a big fountain in the middle. It is also possible to have a look of the courtyard and the castle from above – on the roof of the southern wing of the castle there is a terrace with trees. Inside the castle there are several museums including a famous picture gallery a museum of weapons and armours, a museum of clocks and a famous collection of porcelain works. I visited only the gallery and the weapons museum [more ]


Zwinger is one of my favorite buildings in Germany, its beautiful. I enjoyed walking around the building and seeing it from almost every corner. I felt as if I were inside of an old medieval movie. It took me hundreds of years back. My mom felt drawn to the building and she couldn’t stop seeing it, the weather was great and the fountains were performing. You ll probably spend more than one hour outside, but take your time and visit the museum's interior. In the museum you'll find the Old Masters Picture Gallery, porcelain collection, the mathematical-physikalischer Salon (If you like math, I personally don’t). Enjoy your day and look for days with nice weather. [more ]

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