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New Asia Bar, Singapore City

5.0 stars


New Asia Bar -- Drink and View the Amazing Skyline

This is the place you must visit if you ever get the chance to visit Singapore. I often bring my guests here just to impress them. From this bar, which is located on the 71st floor of Fairmont Hotel Singapore, you can see the amazing night lights of Singapore’s mainland. Even if they’re certainly benefited by the view, the bar itself is quite interesting.

Guests will have to pay a cover charge of S$25 on weekdays or S$15 on weekends, but the admission comes with a free welcome drink of your selection. I’d normally choose After Eight (delicious creamy rum), Frozen Margarita (ask for the flavors to choose from, they don’t write it down on the menu), or the Strawberry Frutini (a tasty fruity liquor, unfortunately the serving size is smaller than others). Once my boyfriend ordered the Merlion Cocktail which comes in a Merlion (the Singapore’s national icon) shaped figurine mug! There are other choices, of course.

Be prepared to stand up on most weekend nights as this bar is often packed with tourists and locals alike. I would normally keep an eagle eye at the seats near the windows, in case the previous patrons leave, so I can grab these VIP seats to enjoy the sparkly skyline of the city. You can always come earlier (around 6-7 PM) to get convenient window seats, and you’ll be able to catch the happy hour (3-9 PM on weekdays) as well.

Another thing I have to remind you is even though they’re a bar; they have a strict dress code. My boyfriend wasn’t allowed to get in once, because he was wearing hiking sandals (his bad). Although their choice of music is sometimes not as good as other bars, this is certainly the best place to enjoy Singapore’s party scene. [more ]

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