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Cafe Opera Bar, Stockholm

4.0 stars


Cafe Opera Bar

Now this is a place that comes with an extremely high reputation. Apparently everyone from Snoop Dogg to Sylvester Stallone have partied at Cafe Opera. If you want to see celebrities in Sweden, this is apparently the place to go.
Of course, with such a reputation, the stiff entry price is sort of expected - you have to keep the paparazzi outside, of course... But 180 kronor is ridiculous! But it gets even more expensive inside, where drinks will really cost you an arm and a leg. If you thought a place like London was expensive, think again! My advice, stick to beer, and eat before you come here.
Don't make the same mistake as us though. We arrived at about 21:30, and just about nothing happened for the next hour and a half. We ended up sitting around twiddling our thumbs, sipping slowly on our beers and watched greasy old men try chat up what looked like under-aged Paris Hiltons.
But then, just as we started losing hope for this place, it came alive. The beautiful people starting showing up - heaven knows who they were, I didn't recognise anyone. And the dancefloor opened. Decent music from the DJ, but then again you sort of expect a bit more once you've heard that bands such as Savage Garden and Wyclef Jean have actually performed in here. You have to start wondering whether this place is actually living up to its reputation...
Look, we had a fun evening, but I've had similar - or more - fun at clubs all over the world, and paid a lot less. So, I guess if money isn't an object, then give Cafe Opera a chance. If it is a stretch, then ignore it. [more ]

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